Fossil / Combustion Turbine

The RUS Fossil Experience.

Our coal mill experience includes C-E Bowl Mills, Riley Atrita Mills, and B&W Ball Mills. We have established ourselves in the industry as a superior provider of quality fossil mechanics, project managers and technical service engineers. Our maintenance crews have the capability to ramp up for outage manpower demands, quickly respond to emergency needs, and perform above client expectations. Our fossil experience is spread over several key seasoned employees who have an acute understanding of what it takes to get the project done in the most efficient manner, utilizing the right personnel.

RUS is a “Balance of Plant” service provider. Our on-site inspection, repair, installation/replacement, fabrication and technical services capabilities include, but are not limited to the following equipment:


Fuel (Coal) Piping
Conveying Systems
Coal Bunkers
Coal Crushers
Traveling Screens
Slide Gates
Air Dryers
Trash Racks
Boiler Feed Pumps
Air Preheaters
Air Ducts
Process Piping
Magnetic Couplings
PVC Piping