Our value is in our workforce.
Proud to be Veteran Owned
Dan Cothran

“RUS was founded upon the principles of providing unparalleled safety, quality, service and value to all customers. We hire and retain the highest quality workforce – from the field to the office. RUS has been successful in this area, as we have absolutely the best quality teams available. And the results are gratifying – our customers see how we do business and use us again and again for their planned and emergent work.” Dan Cothran, CEO and President

Our History – Dan Cothran, President and CEO of Regional Utility Services, started RUS in 2006 with two co-founders who had retired from a major power generation company. Cothran, a former military service member with eight years in the US Navy Reserves, worked for Progress Lighting and Siemens Energy and Automation before launching RUS.

“Our first job at a hydro facility was to refurbish flood gates,” said Cothran. Based on the success of that project, RUS was given the opportunity to provide a variety of technical services to the energy company as well as to a growing number of utilities and other manufacturing facilities. Today, Regional Utility Services sends skilled technicians to work throughout the Southeast.

RUS is proud to be a veteran-owned small business, and the company is continually seeking former military personnel to be a part of this growing team. “In the work place,” said Cothran, “veterans are highly motivated and able to adapt quickly to new roles. Their team-based approach fits well in our workplace.”

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