Our value is in our workforce.
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A core value of working with RUS starts with the know-how of a respected specialty contractor.   The value increases through RUS’s ability to rapidly assemble an on-site technical team to meet customer specifications.

With a diverse team of technical experts,  RUS  brings  a wealth of knowledge and strategic insight to every project.

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Regional Utility Services routinely provides commissioning in all aspects of Services Offered.   In today’s fast paced and ever changing critical power market,  the industry trend is to integrate commissioning at pre-described  stages in the project life cycle.    Theses “Levels” are outline below:

The breakdown for the five levels of technical commissioning include:

  •  Level 1 – The Planning level
    This level deals with the preparations for commissioning and includes: safety, teams, resources, existence of sequence of operations, scripts for commissioning, and the overall adequacy of tests to various components.
  • Level 2 – The Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) level
    This level includes: quality assurance, control and documentation before shipping to the site, performance per spec, completing all required cycles that minimize the success of installations.
  • Level 3 – The Pre-functional Inspections level
    This level focuses on: system installation and completion of work in accordance with all specifications, availability of utilities inspections, completion of site acceptance tests (SAT) and the overall readiness for functional testing.
  • Level 4 – The Functional Testing level
    This level is where commissioning ends for most data centers advertising their ability for “phased expansion” and deals with: testing to spec performance per component and related/redundant components, and calibration and metrics verification .
  • Level 5 – The Integrated Testing level
    This level is the ultimate “Reality Check” test for mission critical data centers. At this level all systems are operated at full load to ensure that all components work together as required and also that all systems operate as intended in all possible failure scenarios. . Only by completing this level of commissioning can a customer be assured that their facility operates as intended in all of its functional modes.

RUS services include both “Hands-On” and “Technical Oversight” :

  • 3rd Party QA / QC
  • Testing to OEM and applicable standards: NETA , ANSI, UL, NACE, NFPA

  • Troubleshooting / Problem Solving

  • Process Maintenance

  • Thermal Imagining

  • Product Training & Consulting

  • Forensic Evaluations / Root Cause Analysis